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Meeting point bar

On May 29th 2009, with a party filmed also by the television cameras of the transmission of Telesanterno “Magazine Menu Tv” (see the video of the 2 June 2009), we opened the new corner bar inside our premises.

In reality it is a kind of return to its origins, since a counter bar was present in the premises already many years ago, then removed in order to leave more space in the restaurant room.

We are now offering this service again in a pleasant recess but perfectly in harmony with the other rooms of the premises, so as to be another meeting point within our structure.

In a warm rustic environment in visible stone and wood, our customers can now taste the products of the cafeteria, drinks, aperitifs and cocktails, consuming at the counter or, in the summer period, seated in our area in the open air.

With the bar service, L’Oasi completes its fulfilment of every one of the customer’s requirements, whether the customer is local or passing through: a meeting place both for friends or work meetings, for quick meals or pleasant moments of relaxation.

Moreover, the bar perfectly compliments the restaurant service in the realization of cheerful evenings with live music and entertainment.


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