The professionalism of a hotel, the quality of a restaurant, the cuddling hospitality of a family
Who we are

Born and grown up between the provinces of Modena and Bologna, at the borderline with the land of Ferrara, since he was very young he has complied with his own natural inclination for gastronomy as a maître in national and international restaurants:  from the legendary “Cantunzèin” in the very centre of Bologna, to “Cavalieri Hilton” in Rome, to the transfer to Scotland, until the landing in Sasso Marconi, where actually he had already collaborated to the inauguration of the restaurant that some years later would become his own’s. In fact, since 1988 he’s running L’Oasi with his copartner Anna: during some years in tandem with another restaurant in that area, then since 1997 as a unique business amplified with the opening of the hotel.


His strength points: a perfect coordination of dining-room service, kitchen and hotel (although he did not start his career as a chef, Giuliano is now perfect also at the ovens …his “linguine allo scoglio” are memorable!), a warm and welcoming communicativeness, a true love for his job and a spontaneous reception of his guests.


In addition, Giuliano has been participating for years in the realization of radio and TV shows about music and recipes (his collaboration with Radio Sanluchino is to be remembered): more than twenty-five years ago he was the first to launch a new radio-TV format (“Desco e Musica”, “Un menù al giorno”) focused on music, cooking and telephone quizzes!


Her origins are in the Bologna country, precisely in Medicina, so that Anna grew up breathing the most genuine tradition of the Bolognese province, especially as for gastronomic tradition.

She moved to Sasso Marconi as a teen-ager, bringing with her that store of traditional culture which she soon applied to her job. In fact, Anna has started soon working in the kitchen of one of the most known restaurant of that area, proposing the traditional dishes that she was grown up with, i.e. the dishes of the most authentic Bolognese tipicity.


In 1986, the professional meeting with Giuliano and, since 1988, the corunning of L’Oasi. In this new adventure, Anna is mainly the coordinator of the dining-room service and of the administration of the restaurant, including, of course, the management of the hotel.

Her style is simple, spontaneous and warm, as the Bolognese tradition is, but this hides a serious professionality that does not pass unnoticed.


This is Anna’s daughter and she has learned from her mother how to manage the services to the customer regarding the restaurant, bar and hotel. It is her responsibility “to open the day”, beginning with the breakfast service for the guests of the hotel, continuing with their check-out, including the midday restaurant service where, in particular, she effortlessly takes care of the management of the hall dedicated to work lunches and fast meals.

She takes care also of the daily administration of the premises, managing contact with customers and suppliers, and collaborating in the realisation of external events. Furthermore, with Anna, she takes care of the preparations and decorative elements of the premises both for the internal environments as well as for the external area (veranda and garden).

Andrea “Dado”

This is the son of Giuliano who grew up breathing the atmosphere of L’Oasi with a particular interest in hall service and the management of the hotel. In the meantime, he completed his sociology studies specialising in communication, consumption and diet, something which – together with a personal passion for graphics and computer science – has allowed him to carve out the role of head of business communication and promoter of premises activities: in fact, he takes care of the creation and distribution of advertising material, keeping in contact with the press and the foreign customers and has created and manages the site that you are visiting…

Obviously, his collaboration also actively takes the form of hall service and the welcoming at reception and bar, fields in which he guarantees a professional presence whilst being dynamic and bubbly, with an enthusiasm to meet new people and to interact with spontaneous warmth with all the guests to the premises.

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